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the cosmos. I exist for the species (or the family or tribe and my particular being makes but an insignificant contribution to the replicative success of the species (or the family or the tribe). Those programs are based on what the Social Darwinists consider the Christian and Lockean error of believing in the unique and irreplaceable worth of every particular individual, which leads to a species-destructive effort to impose on nature a standard alien. Darwin Free Dating travelmad64 : 54 year old man "Hi.". Americas two guiding lights today are John Locke and Charles Darwin. Without JavaScript, some features on this site will not work. The human desire for status can manifest within any kind of group to which one belongs including humanity writ large but it is primarily the desire for personal significance. 6 29, Darwin Surrounds, NT, be original they say.

Autonomy the word we use to express our proud freedom from natural or necessitarian concerns turns out to be too empty to outweigh productivity as the decisive evidence of who we are as free beings. Owing to human technological progress, those differences widen all the time. Republic, any plausible eugenics scheme has to detach reproduction from the idea of our natural inclination toward personal choice in a mate. But we have decided that dolphins deserve to live, and that tuna are dumb and ugly enough to exist only as our fodder; so dolphins continued existence effectively depends on us, and ours does not depend at all on theirs. We are, to some limited and perverse extent, happy in our distinctively human misery which is evidence of our singular status in a cosmos that would be impersonal and meaningless without. Some homelessness, some sense of alienation, is the inevitable consequence of our spirited desire to display our singular excellence by controlling both our environment and who we are.

And we are unable to deconstruct completely the natural, social experiences that the Darwinian explains are fundamental to friendship, the family, the local community, the nation, and the church (or some socially religious equivalent). Rousseau attempts to correct Lockes anti-natural intention by making his understanding of human nature more consistent. But Rousseau, Locke, and Darwin all hold that the distinctively human forms of love are unnatural, as is being moved deeply by consciousness of death. I'm still working on my profile. Locke also makes clear that we should try to invent our way out of every natural limitation, and that there is no definite limit to the progress we can make in freeing ourselves, and so in changing who we are.

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