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friendly Disney employee. Weirdest thing someone lost? I'd have felt bad, but since I didn't spend my actual birthday here, I figured I'm even, or something. They seem to think that pass is a golden ticket. What is your absolute favorite memory from working there?

I befriended a cast member who said that popcorn went from 4.25 in the last week. I asked for free water and forgot to say it's "my birthday." The greeting of the cashier bludgeoned me back to life: "Want anything else?

But believe it or not, the geese are the real threats. We find mom in less than five minutes and cheap adult dating sites she's just in tears. We're not sure how the rainbow got mixed up in all this. Create a topic page and you could be on the front page of m tomorrow! Somewhere between mincing about in the Enchanted Castle and doing the Running Man with a cartoon duck, you just lose the ability to be butch about anything. Mommy blogs and that ". And second, that Pat Robertson does truly and literally believe that he has nature-based superpowers, and is shocked, shocked every single time he tries, and ultimately fails to summon natural disasters down on things he doesn't understand. I was attempting Disneyland on a budget.

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