ooma hookup diagram

speed internet connection to the device. Simply set it up to work with your wireless network, and youll have the freedom to move your Telo anywhere you want. Do I need a computer to set up my wireless adapter? If your Telo does not work properly when youre done setting it up, you should try the following steps, in order: Reboot your Telo Ensure that your Wireless Adapter is plugged in all the way Remove your Wireless Adapter, reboot your Telo, and then re-insert. Note: If your Telo unit was manufactured after April 2011, it does not have. This part of the process probably took us anywhere from 5-10 minutes. . TO internet port on your Base Station to an open port on your router.

This means you must unplug the connection from your phone company to the line you will use for your Telo at the junction box on the outside of your home, including any ground wire. These updates will be sent directly to your system when it is sitting idle, when youre less likely to be using your phone. In our case the download and software update only took a couple of minutes. Note: If you dont have a spot like that in your house, the advanced setup FAQ contains information that will help you find a solution that works for you. The Ooma Customer Care team cannot assist you with returning your equipment to a third-party retailer. You can set up your voicemail, visit your. If you prefer you can also pay.99 monthly fee for the Ooma Premier service which includes extras like call forwarding, conference calling, Google Voice extensions and more. . There is.99 charge if you want this done, although the fee is waived if you opt to pay 120 for a year of premier service. Wall port as depicted above. Important: If both phone lines are wired into a single physical jack in each room, (meaning that you dont have two phone jacks, one for line 1 and one for line 2 you must use a two-line splitter to connect your Ooma Telo to the. Phone port of the Telo - not the. In our case the device did need to be updated.