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can just tell it to go to 50 LOP, and I don't need to think about mixture again until I level out. In other words, the increment or decrement of lift caused by a deflected trailing-edge flap is not confined to the flap itself; it is spread over the entire surface. The requirement was to provide a 1/4" steel pin for the hinge, and distribute the forces from it into the phenolic end rib and from there into the carbon skin, while preserving the option of moving the pin fore or aft to adjust the stick. I cleared the hole, and then when I covered it the pitot head held pressure.

I need some microswitches and warning lights for positive indication of overcenter. The procedure is to put on too much and then sand it away. The pressure in the left main strut was low, and I had a hard time getting the plane to sit level enough for the fuel to drain back inboard. I flew to Las Vegas to pick up a couple of friends and bring them back. The outer surface is stretched and the inner one compressed, with the result that the inner one not only grows thicker but also pushes the middle of the tube outward. So the problem was somewhere in the wiring. Conversely, if you size a hole for the nylon fittings, you can't even start an AN fitting.

I repaired the manual lowering system (and put in a larger pin but I still could not figure out what had gone wrong with either it or the door kinematics. There is a little weakness on the wing upper surface near the trailing edge, which I had previously observed, but it is not related to the wing-fuselage intersection; it extends out a couple of feet, and is simply a consequence of the root profile being. No one could accuse the Catbird of being an excessively draggy airplane, but I think that some sort of turning vane to guide flow aft as it passes through the outlet would be nice. Speed stability is good, and M2 has the same pleasant landing characteristic that M1 had. I don't know how newcomers manage to find an airport on days like this. The trip to PRB was for Chuck Wentworth's annual barbecue at Antique Aero.

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Hg and the pressure would be (26/29.92) *14.7, or about.8 psi. That would make a neater and less bulky installation, but Claude Morgan, a hangar neigbor who in addition to being a retired UAL captain is an A P, mentioned to me that it is preferred to run fuel lines above electrical wires, I suppose. Flight test indicated that there was insufficient power to fully close the flaps at cruising speed, and at a certain point the whole actuator just seemed to stop working. On the other hand, my performance prediction program does include a factor to cover that eventuality - an empirical correction based on the assumption that the parasite drag of many components, notably the wings, is likely to increase with increasing angle of attack. Tomorrow I will do a long ground run with the cowling on; I'll flight test it on Monday. February 27, 2007 I went to get some O-rings.C. At this point I have spent more money having two comm radios repaired than I did on dual comms and navs, online dating hookup sites audio panel and glideslope, professionally installed, in 1975. I hope to get started on that this week.

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