rca soundbar hookup

digital audio converter to connect any soundbar with optical input. Ask the community, tags, example: Notebook, Android, SSD hard drive. Delaro said: What does you TV Have? If you have an hdmi connection which is labeled ARC then you can use a soundbar with an hdmi connection that can work with ARC. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for any other video input (internet, usb, dvd, etc). The audio is is dead at both the RCA outputs, and the TV speakers are also dead. Digital Coax on a TV is always output.

How do I connect a sound bar to my rca tv that doesnt have Soundbar to TV Audiogurus Store I have just connected my sharp soundbar to my sharp aquos

I am planning to buy a sound bar for my rca tv but. Rca, hdmi, coax, can't find your answer?

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Also you need to consider what Soundbar you buy and what it has as inputs. Under sharp warranty, i have had the main logic board replaced, however the problem still remains. What is the Model # and it can be explained further. I have a similar situation with my LC-65LE643U. Tv doesnt have the optical input so Im not sure what. If i use the RCA audio outputs to drive my external amplifier, the sound works as intended for a while, but then will suddenly cut-out. Did you ever get a solution to this?