computer to tv hookup cable

can use to plug into and watch. Tips If your laptop is connected to a high-definition TV, you may see certain items only on the hdtv and not on your laptop screen. Most hdtvs can display up to 1920 x 1080, though some are limited to 1280 x 720. Question How can I connect a laptop to multiple TVs? Ensure that your TV is on the correct hdmi input (they often have 2 - 4 then try the function key on the notebook that redirects video output (Function-F5 is common for this, but check your laptop's manual). Community Q A Search Add New Question Question What is the name of the cable that I will need exactly? Connect the VGA cable to the appropriate ports on your computer and. Set your display screen to monitor. It's great because it can deliver HD picture and sound quality and it's all digital.

2, connect the "Video Out" component of your TV-to-PC tuner to your monitor using the appropriate video cable, again selecting the highest-quality cable connection supported by your monitor and tuner box. Question What should I do if I've connected an hdmi cable between my laptop and the TV and there's no picture on my TV?

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VGA with.5mm Audio Combo Cable Above cable is a adult dating in Harlow VGA and.5mm Audio Combo Cable. . VGA, S-video and hdmi try to connect using the highest quality connection. How to Connect a Polaroid LCD TV to a Computer. If your monitor does not have built-in speakers, connect your external speakers to the "Audio Out" port on your tuner using the appropriate audio cables supported by your external speakers. The most common tuner to monitor connections include hdmi, DVI and VGA. You can extend your display to cover both screens, duplicate/mirror your display so each screen shows the same thing, or have only one screen enabled (either your laptop or your TV). The display will not be as sharp as through your PC's regular monitor, however.

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