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I came to Ann Arbor, it was listed as one of the safest cities in this country, she said. It will help you avoid the fakes, because they're screened out. Its time to say, We feel unsafe, we want the ordinance enforced in these areas. Maybe owners need to get together with the rest of the State Street Area Association members and invite the police to talk with them. The easily searchable listings are from men, women and couples looking online. For me, thats an issue I dont know how to resolve.

Member Carla: "I didn't believe it when I first saw the word 'local but now I'm convinced after meeting several other lesbian gals on here who are sometimes only blocks from. A rise in panhandling and criminal activity at Liberty Plaza, a public square at the corner of Liberty and Division. They're in search of casual sex or they would not be members. A cuckold situation is highly sought after by many couples and there are also a number of men who  are looking for wives with cuckold husbands.

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