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spring you would change the small spring. Jeff Smith: Youve addressed several issues, but they are all related to ignition timing. I had to turn my vacuum advance down until it only pulled. So which should you use? The adjustment screw in it does not work the same as the vacuum advance I was using on my drag car way back when I wrote this page. The bad control units. 1969 Corvette 350 TI bbl High Perf. HEI Distributors: P/N ID# Application Starts @ Hg Max Adv (Distr. It works the same way as a header evac does. In modern cars with computerized engine controllers, all those sensors and the controller change both mixture and spark timing 50 to 100 times per second, and we don't even have a distributor any more - it's all electronic.

You increase advance with rpm and decrease advance with engine load. Calif Vette Hi Perf, Incl. Even then I had a hard time convincing guys so I hooked up a couple MAP sensors and a throttle position sensor to a data logger and recorded them while driving then dumped it into a spreadsheet and made a graph. If you have any questions or comments e-mail. They're junk on a street-driven car, but some people keep buying them because they're "race car" parts, so they must be "good for my car" - they're NOT. 7-9.3 @ All Exc. This is how vacuum advance works. Turning the wrench counterclockwise will reduce the timing.

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If your vacuum advance canister works like the one I just bought, limiting only the advance point and not the actual advance, then you will likely have issues at part throttle acceleration from too much advance. Vacuum advance calibrations are different between stock engines and modified engines, especially if you have a lot of cam and have relatively low manifold vacuum at idle. High Perf., 427 Camaro, Chevelle High Perf. To clarify some of this, I thought Id summarize a few facts and definitions, and provide a complete part number and specification listing for all vacuum advance control units used by Chevrolet on the points-style distributors. I don't know the author so I can't give valid credit. Once you advance the timing beyond this, the engine/car will start to chug or jerk at cruise due to the over-advanced timing condition. In fact, Ive heard guys say theyve locked out their advance and just run a fixed timing amount. So now, when youre shopping in a junkyard, youll be able to quickly identify the good. But with this much initial timing in the engine it will be difficult for the starter motor to crank the engine. This will cause erratic timing with associated unstable idle rpm. Manifold vacuum, so those cans dont work very well on a modified engine; with less than. If too much advance is added, the engine will either start to knock or ping or perhaps it may surge slightly at very light throttle opening with high vacuum.

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